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If you buy dry dog food or cat food in bags, you may have noticed that certain products are packaged differently from others. Some bags are simply paper, inside and out. Others have a thin plastic lining on the inside. Finally, some pet food can be found in thick, all-plastic packaging. Though the differences may seem negligible, the type of packaging does affect both the shelf life of pet food, and the way your pet experiences the food.

The primary concern in pet food storage is the management of moisture. Apart from heat, moisture is the easiest way to cause the quality of stored pet food to degrade. It both 代工包裝 provides oxygen, which causes fats in the food to become rancid, and makes the environment more bacteria-friendly. Various types of packaging are designed to prevent pet food from absorbing moisture from the outside environment. Paper alone, as one would imagine, is the poorest in this respect. The plastic-lined (polypropylene) varieties are better at preventing moisture absorption, but if not perforated, can cause internal moisture to bead on its surface, which is even worse.

New packaging is becoming available for pet food storage that seems to excel in these respects. So-called “barrier packaging” is already familiar to you- coffee bags, for instance, are made of this material. It is effective in preventing moisture from seeping into its contents, preserving the freshness of foods. One barrier packaging manufacturer conducted tests on pet foods kept in various forms of storage over time, evaluating three factors: palatability (a fancy word for tastiness), nutritional content, and rancidity (how much of the fat had gone bad). These studies seemed to show that barrier packaging prevented oxidation from ruining food, retained nutrients better, and were preferred by dogs over food stored in other conditions. This was true even for food stored in barrier packaging without the use of preservatives- the packaging alone was able to replace the chemical additives. This makes barrier packaging an exciting development for consumers who desire products that are not chemically treated.

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