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Various games are popular among the sports and adventure enthusiasts around the world. Any game that tries your physical power, specific skills, and stamina is worthy of being called a challenging pursuit. Mountain biking certainly fits the bill as a skill and endurance testing game.

Mountain biking means riding a bicycle on a rough terrain. Usually the mountain bikes are specially made bikes or hybrid road bicycles. A typical mountain bike has wide and knobby tires, big, round tubing frame, extra suspension features such as front fork or shock absorbers, etc.

There are a large number of magazines dedicated to certain hobbies, sports, or activities. Such magazines provide all the important information on the specific subjects. Various articles regarding the different aspects of that subject are published in these magazines. The details of useful gear and equipment required for that activity are also published from time to time. Thus, such magazines prove extremely useful for the enthusiasts and professionals of the particular sport.

A number of magazines are available that deal exclusively with mountain biking. Mountain bikers around the world get useful information, tips, and latest news about mountain biking from them. Such magazines cover all the topics related to mountain biking. The safety guidelines regarding the tracks, terrain or the bikes themselves are published from time to time. Different mountain biking tracks with maps and information about accommodation, medical aid and commercial places along the route are published in different issues which helps the biking enthusiasts in the area to plan their biking programs.

There are another aspects also that need your attention while planning a long trip. Additional points such as geographical details regarding the hazards of the route, climatic conditions, socio-political issues, if relevant, are also discussed. Interviews of famous bikers are published in these magazines. Readers get to know about the successful and safe methods to employ in mountain biking, tips on biking on different tracks, weather, equipment, etc. Sometimes some unexpected trouble or accidents occur in a biking expedition. The details of how the bikers dealt with them before prove helpful to bikers in getting an idea how to face such unanticipated disasters.

Almost all the magazines run features on the latest bikes and biking gear. The technical details along with the prices are discussed over utility, safety, service life, etc. Sometimes, merits or demerits of certain mountain biking practices are also debated on their medical or physiological aspects. Mountain bikers get to know about different exciting mountain biking tracks in different parts of the world, along with all the necessary information about them.

Different groups organize mountain biking tours. The details are published in such magazines. Therefore, you can keep in touch with the latest news and what is happening in the world of mountain biking through these magazines. In addition, most of these magazines are available online as well – everything you want to know about mountain biking is only a click away

Golf magazines cater to a great number of golfing enthusiasts and professionals all over the world. Their popularity is increasing day by day, as more and more people in different parts of the world are now taking to golf. Every now and then, different golfing events are organized on a global as well as local level. No wonder then, so many golfing magazines are published that cover everything related to golf – be it history, latest news, techniques, issues, equipment, and last but not the least, interesting gossip about golf and golfing professionals.

When any sport becomes as popular as golf on a global scale, it is obvious that so many otherwise trivial sounding aspects related to it also find a place in the magazines dedicated to the sport. And golf surely has a great number of details involved in the game that can be discussed at great length Elisa Gayle Ritter. Not for nothing, P.G. Woodhouse novels often carry interesting situations wherein some golfing enthusiast strikes an elaborate discussion about the finer aspects or intricate details about the game with, to the delight of the readers, an ignorant, poor hero of the story himself.

A number of topics – right from techniques and equipment, to the maintenance of the golf course, and the events and programs related to golf – are covered in these magazines. Golf is played on both the levels, i.e., amateur and professional. The latest news on both the levels is always welcomed by golf enthusiasts. Golf magazines provide information on golf events in your neighborhood as well as important world golf tournaments and championship

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