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The most prolific poker question of the last decade has been, is online Texas hold em rigged? Many skeptics will shy away from the online poker game, as they believe it is a sham and tainted by unscrupulous operators that intend to steal a player’s bankroll. Nevertheless, discovering the truth behind the online poker site will help players win more often and avoid the constant bad beats.

The truth is that although a few online poker sites have experienced cheating and collusion as well as some shady inside scams, for the most part online poker is a safe game if you play on the most well known sites and you understand how the poker programs work.

The debate whether is online Texas hold em rigged centers largely on the fact that so many people experience a large number of constant bad beats and sometimes unbelievable suckouts. Although this can occur in real life poker, it does appear to be more prevalent online.


There is a Reason For That!

There is a plausible reason behind the is online Texas hold em rigged debate, and that reason is found in the poker algorithms used by all major poker sites. Although some claim the reason behind the number of bad beats is related to the poor play of novice poker players or that many more hands are dealt online than live, neither of these rationale are very credible.

The argument that bad players cause the suckouts has little credibility based on true-life statistical odds. Meanwhile, the debates regarding more hands are dealt online than live amounts to a small difference as online play is about 50 hands per hour dealt while typical live play is around 35 hands per hour.

The fact is that online poker sites use a series of advanced algorithms in their software to deal and determine winning hands. These advanced poker algorithms are not entirely intended to cause the bad beats as much as they are intended to prevent cheating and collusion. However, the result 홀덤 of bad beats is directly related to those poker algorithms.


How To Fix the Problem

The solution for the poker sites to fixing the constant bad beats and to quell the debate of is online Texas hold em rigged is by eliminating those algorithms and make the game balanced by not having software interfere with the true statistical odds. However, it is nearly impossible for the poker sites to accomplish this as the lack of true randomness is beyond the capability of any computer program.

The solution for the player is to learn how these poker algorithms work and how you can manipulate the software to your advantage. Discovering the patterns and sequences used by the poker site will further ensure a game which is more balanced and create less situations where strong hands get run down by inferior hands resulting in less constant bad beats and more cashes by players who understand the poker programs.

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