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First and foremost, I attended college because I did not want Làm bằng giả to work with a shovel and a pick. I wanted to work with a pen and to also create a better life than my parents had. My college education changed my life for the better things in life. It was the best thing that I did for my family and me. Parents in general want their children to do better than what they did for the most part. This is the only way that each generation can build on the previous generation’s achievement to continue the elevation of the family’s name and status.

As a first generation American, I was the first person in my family to attend college. I came from the Cape Verde Islands at the age of 12 with my family who immigrated to the United States to create a better life. My inspiration was my third grade teacher in Cape Verde and the mere factor of being born in a third world country makes you appreciate the little things that Americans take for granted. The mere factor that you can get a free public education and attend college/universities with the help of the government whether you are poor or a middle class student is blessing of being a legal resident of the United States. In order to create a better life for you and your family, you will have to further your education beyond high school.

Did I inspire others in my family to attend college and pursue further education? Conquering college attendance
Yes. 3 of my children have college degrees and all of my nieces and nephews have pursued further education beyond high school. My children, nieces and nephews have told me that if dad/uncle Leo can do it so can I. Most people don’t realize that their actions and achievements or lack of achievements will affect their family and friends for generations. There are lots of people who attended college because of their friends. One of the reasons that you should attend college is so that you can create a better life for your children and the generations to come.

How did my pursuit of a college degree changed the lives of my family? Conquering college attendance
By attending college and attaining my degrees, I have lived and continue to live a great life because of my personal achievements. My children are living a very good life because they all have a college degree and they are making good money. My oldest daughter is a teacher for the city of Boston and my youngest daughter and my oldest son are both financial advisers/investment bankers in MA. Most of my nieces and nephews have college degrees and are doing very well for the most part. My youngest son is still in college in pursuit of his future endeavor.

Each generation of my family will elevate the family’s name and achievements because of the foundation and the knowledge to create a better life has been laid starting with my parents bringing us to the United States in the early sixties.
It is very important that you attend college and attain your degree to better your life and the life of the generations of people in your family. If I can come to America at the age of 12 and acclimate to the culture and the language along with getting a college education, you have no reason why you can’t get a college education.

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